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Updating the schedule of white tantric yoga ® "New"



August 12, 2022

Dear friends!

Sat Nam. After more than a two-year hiatus due to Covid-10, we completed our first white tantric yoga® workshops in March 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona, and in May 2022 in Mexico City, Mexico. Feedback from past participants was that it was "business as usual, and new participants were grateful for the deep meditation experience.

The good news is that covid-19-based restrictions for major events are now being eased around the world. Please check the scheduling page on this website as new seminar dates have been added for 2022 and 2023.

Over the past two years, credible allegations of misconduct and manipulation against Yogi Bhajan (1929-2004) have been uncovered. Needless to say, we are recovering from the emotional impact this has had on our 55-year-old community. We remain grateful for the exercises that in many cases have guided us through this time.

In addition, over the past two years, we have delved deeply into the topic of Tantra and the subtle body, including our personal experience of White Tantric Yoga® and the concept of Tantra historically. We gave lectures that Yogi Bhajan gave when he personally led seminars on White Tantric Yoga®.

From the very first lecture since the very first "live" seminar on September 10, 1970:

Remember that in tantric yoga, one is the essence and the other is the beginning. You are the essence and you are the beginning. Under no circumstances should you treat me except my voice. Now dedicate the main attitude to losing, not gaining. . If you can lose more, you can offer more, you can lose two more habits, you can offer certain values, you can release more vibrations during those two minutes, and you have to focus on yourself, you have to only treat yourself in that moment." Yogi Bhajan (September 10, 1970, Los Angeles, California)

There are teachers who have the ability to open up space for the subtle body or pure expanded consciousness to experience in life. We see that Yogi Bhajan was able to discover this space personally and with his knowledge through electronic video media.

We know what he said, we know what we experienced, we know what we learn about the subtle body.

What we know after more than 50 years of participation in White Tantric Yoga as we know it is that it has been a tool for personal growth for thousands of people, and what participants experience is an expanded state of consciousness during the workshop that positively impacts their lives. . This is the experience of the subtle body. During this meditation practice, participants recognize an awareness that they believe is different from when they enter the room and is different when they leave the room. Most participants confirm that WTY workshops are life-changing. I now understand that the subtle body is simply a state of expanded consciousness that can be experienced during WTY.

We look forward to once again having a vibrant schedule of White Tantric Yoga workshops around the® world to be able to offer a meditative experience.

I've been involved in WTY since 1971 when I started working with Yogi Bhajan when he personally taught workshops, and I worked with him to create WTY videos based on his contributions as well as my experience in video. I had a lot of creative freedom in making videos, but the only thing he said was that the electronic media had anything to do with discovering this space just as he did personally.

Я испытал, что он был в восторге от WTY, и иногда сам удивлялся его осознанию и тому, как это повлияло на него, а также на участников. Он знал, что у него есть возможность открыть это пространство, Он мало говорил об этом, он сказал, что это для участников, чтобы испытать. Мое наблюдение состояло в том, что, когда он садился, чтобы вести его, или когда он садился перед камерой, чтобы записать это, он был в измененном состоянии. Как это произошло, я понятия не имею.

Учитывая все, что произошло, я рад, что у нас было время приостановить Белую Тантрическую Йогу®, чтобы поразмышлять, исследовать и заглянуть внутрь себя и снова поделиться медитативным опытом тонкого тела Белой Тантрической Йоги®, как показано на видео. WTY - это медитативная практика, и, как и все медитативные практики, она касается практикующего и его отношения к собственному внутреннему существу, как сказал Йоги Бхаджан в своей первой лекции WTY.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar. If you have any specific questions, you can email me on [email protected]. Stay safe, be healthy, and we look forward to seeing you at the next White Tantric Yoga® workshop.

Looking forward to the world with love,

Satsimran Kaur

General Director of White Tantric Yoga®