Los Angeles workshop, October, 2023

September 12, 2023

A message from the Los Angeles White Tantric Yoga® organizer, Haridass Kaur.

Sat Nam Beloved sangat and friends,

Freshly returning from France where eight hundred of us gathered as a unified community in the deep transformational practice of White Tantric Yoga®.

Our sangat experienced deep and profound healing where joy and radiance flowed in this unified field of these great teachings and practices.  Experiencing the love and support of each other to release and renew our beings after such a long time.

After a four-year hiatus it is an honor to announce the much-awaited return of White Tantric Yoga® to Los Angeles on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at UCLA.

There have been questions about the practice in regard to the video and media delivery and we would like to clarify. As the Mahan Tantric, and the master of this science of White Tantric Yoga®, the videos will be played and his image will be displayed in order for the Mahan Tantric energy to guide the meditation. This has not changed and will not change. We have a new CEO, Siri Simran Khalsa, who served Yogi Bhajan for over ten years. Deeply caring, she brings wisdom, compassion and care to all that attend.

We wish to extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us and unlock the boundless potential within you. Our combined energy will ignite a transformative power, sending forth waves of compassion, peace and unity that will reverberate within us and across the planet.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Haridass Kaur at [email protected].

Purchase tickets at eventbrite.com

We look forward to seeing you and making this a profound experience.

In love and service,

The White Tantric Yoga® team and Los Angeles White Tantric Yoga® organizer,
Haridass Kaur