Three Days of White Tantric Yoga® at Winter Solstice

December 13, 2023

Sat Nam dear friends and yogis,

We are thrilled to share the news of the return of three consecutive days of White Tantric Yoga® at 3HO's annual Winter Solstice event in Lake Wales, Florida, after a four-year hiatus. This transformative and deep experience, which occurs only three times a year, is set to take place just one week from now.

Workshop at Winter Solstice

Photo by Hari Singh Bird

This three-day immersive experience is a rare opportunity to explore the depths of your psyche and elevate your spiritual practice. There is nothing else like it. This practice awakens and cleanses the nadis and meridians, strengthens the nervous system, and allows for a renewal that brings the practitioner to a new perspective. A renewal for the trinity of mind, body and soul. These days will be challenging and deeply fulfilling.

Reflecting on 3HO's European Yoga Festival this past August in Jambeville, France, participants from across the globe gathered to partake in the incredible energy of White Tantric Yoga®. The three days were filled with a sense of unification, elevation, and joy, leaving everyone with a rejuvenated spirit. Now, this exceptional experience is making its way back to the US!

White Tantric Yoga® is being delivered as it has always been, maintaining its authentic presentation through videos. The videos are essential as they connect practitioners to the lineage of White Tantric Yoga®. The videos establish a crucial link to The Mahan Tantric, ensuring the power and authenticity of the practice.

It wouldn’t be White Tantric Yoga® without the videos. The videos that deliver the White Tantric Yoga® experience and the teachings of White Tantric Yoga® are rooted in purity and upliftment. These videos have been used all over the world for over 35 years. This practice, through the video delivery, has garnered thousands of testimonies attesting to experiences of upliftment, neutrality, heart-centered love and gratitude.  The intention behind making these courses was for the practitioners to clear subconscious blocks and promote positive internal shifts. This practice is about one's internal experience, focusing on one’s personal journey within, independent of external influences.

There is still time to register.  I hope you join us at 3HO's Winter Solstice and be part of this potent and unique meditative experience! Let’s gather together, sing together and support each other heart to heart. Creating a space for transformation, happiness, and oneness,  experiencing the love that flows and is shared through this practice as we come together for three consecutive days of White Tantric Yoga®. Allow this timeless practice to serve your life, take away your stress and return to your world with inspiration and gratitude.

Register for 3HO's Winter Solstice

With love and infinite blessings for a wonderful holiday season and a peaceful new year filled with grace, divinity and love.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

White Tantric Yoga®