Letter from CEO

White Tantric Yoga ® Schedule Update

November 27, 2022

Dear Friends,

Sat Nam. The good news is that now restrictions based on Covid 19 for large events are being eased worldwide. Please check the schedule page on this website as new workshop dates have been added through 2023.

During these last two years, we have been taking a deep dive into the subject of Tantra and the subtle body, including what our personal experience has been of White Tantric Yoga®, and the concept of Tantra historically. We have been reading lectures that Yogi Bhajan gave when he personally led the White Tantric Yoga® workshops. 

From the very first lecture from the very first ‘live' workshop on September 10, 1970:

"Remember in Tantric yoga, one is the essence and one is the start.  You are the essence and you are the start.  Under no circumstances you have to relate to me except my voice.  Now dedicate the basic attitude of losing, instead of gaining.  If you can lose more, you can offer more, you can lose two more habits, you can offer certain more values, you can put more vibrations out, within these two minutes and you must concentrate on yourself, you must relate to yourself alone at this moment."  Yogi Bhajan (September 10, 1970, Los Angeles, CA)

There are teachers who have the ability to open the space to the subtle body or pure expanded consciousness to experience while alive. We experienced that Yogi Bhajan could open that space in person and by his knowledge through the electronic media of the videos. 

We know what he said, we know what we experienced, we know what we are learning about the subtle body. 

What we do know after over 50 years of participating in White Tantric Yoga® as we know it, is that it has been a tool for personal growth for thousands of people, and what participants experience is an expanded state of consciousness during the workshop that positively impacts their lives.  That is the subtle body experience. During this meditative practice, participants recognize the awareness that they feel is different than when they came into the room and different when they leave the room. Most participants attest that the WTY workshops are life changing. Now I understand that the subtle body is simply a state of expanded consciousness that can be experienced during WTY.

We are looking forward to once again having a vibrant worldwide schedule of White Tantric Yoga® workshops to be able to offer the meditative experience.

In view of all that has transpired I am glad that we have had the time to pause White Tantric Yoga® to reflect, research, and look within and again share the subtle body meditative experience of White Tantric Yoga® as given on video. WTY is a meditative practice, and like all meditative practices, it is about the practitioner and their relationship to their own inner being as Yogi Bhajan said in his first WTY lecture.

We look forward to seeing you at a workshop.  If you have any specific questions, you can write to [email protected].  Stay safe, be healthy and we look forward to seeing you at the next White Tantric Yoga® workshop.


Looking forward in peace with love,
Satsimran Kaur
CEO White Tantric Yoga®